Conservative actor Stacey Dash, a former Fox News contributor, recently announced that she’s running for U.S. Congress in California.

Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah clearly wasn’t a fan of the decision and slammed her on “The Daily Show” for running as a Republican in Compton.

“That neighborhood is so black that they make Wakanda look like a Panera,” Noah said.

Noah then showed his audience several videos from her Fox News appearances where she said things like, “either you want to be segregated or you want to be integrated and if you want to be integrated, then you don’t need to have things like BET.” Noah also showed a clip of her saying, “there shouldn’t be a Black History Month. We’re Americans, period.”

Noah then claimed that Dash wasn’t interested in winning her campaign for Congress and that it was simply “a publicity stunt to raise her profile for her next job.”

Well now, Dash is responding and she isn’t holding anything back. She tweeted at Noah:

Watch the video above.

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